Delivery of Weekly Webinars

Hello everybody. As you know for the last 18 months, I’ve delivered a live weekly webinar.

My intention when I started was for you to chip in and ask questions and for us to have a dialogue. But you’re shy bunch! And that didn’t materialise. No matter how much I cajoled, you all stayed very quiet.

So it’s ended up that I do a presentation each week. And you’ve given me feedback and so I’ve continued to do that because it seems to work.

While some of you have watched live from time to time when you can fit it in, the vast majority of you are watching the recordings that I make of each webinar.

I would suggest you create one time, a regular time each week that’s your video time, that you can check in and concentrate on your learning skills and learn a little bit more to keep yourself motivated.

But make sure that’s a time that’s convenient, that you can keep up each week.

As always I encourage you to keep in touch with me. Let me know when exams you’ve got to take. Let me know what progress you’ve made. Let me know what challenges you’ve got.

Only yesterday I spent some time talking to somebody about his revision and how he was doing it. And I believe I was able to make suggestions, which will make an enormous difference to the outcome, to the result that he’s getting.

So do that, make use of me. That’s why I’m here.

And on that note, can you please have a look at the email address you used to create the Genius Material account in the first place, because some of you are not receiving the odd email communication I’m sending out.

Just once in while, like this, I need to let you know about things going on, or perhaps of an opportunity.

Some of you are simply not getting the emails because you didn’t use an email address that you are checking very often.

So please can I ask you to check that now. And if necessary let me know of a different email address and I’ll wade through the whole system and change all the umpteen places where I need to do that, but I do want to make sure I get hold of you.

You might even like me to have your telephone number, just in case there’s something crops up urgently.

Once in a while I will be delivering live webinars and I would love it if you had the opportunity to join us if you wanted to.

But if I can’t get hold of you, you’re not going to know about it.

@LysetteOffley #GeniusMaterialSo please keep in touch and speak soon.

All the best.


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