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  • Genius Material for GCSE & 'A' LevelsAre you anxious about failing your university and college exams?
  • Worried you may not graduate?
  • Scared what other people will think?
  • Embarrassed that you’re not keeping up with expectations – yours and other people’s?
  • Don’t know what to do about it?

Do any of these issues effect you?

I work with teenagers, young people and professionals to teach them how to revise efficiently. Many people, young and old are concerned that no matter how hard they try, they just can’t remember what they’re learning. Sometimes they think this means that there’s something wrong with them. Some people go through life believing that they must be ‘thick’.

It’s not true!

The only difference between people who sail through exams and those who struggle is that successful people have a good revision strategy – that works for them. That’s all. Imagine what you could achieve if you too knew exactly how to retain the information you’re learning.

As a teacher of 20 years experience I was frustrated by the lack of training in schools in how to learn, not just what to learn. Working with young people to get the exam results needed for university, I realised that the processes I created, which incorporates the latest brain research, works for everyone needing to pass exams.

Genius Material has been specifically developed for the Financial Services industry. Consequently, you’ll hear me referring to IFAs, mortgages and insurance etc. I often use illustrations from investments and tax etc. But I want you to understand they’re just examples. I’ve simply used them to prove a point. I teach all sort of people how to learn and retain information in

3 steps:

  1. Spend less time revising
  2. Make brain-friendly notes
  3. Recall information – PASS EXAMS!

Plenty of young adults have used this system successfully and Genius Material is as relevant to your Uni and College Exams as it is to other exams.

Free information

There is lot of information about study skills on the Internet. The problem with most of it is that is incomplete and misleading. You can waste and inordinate amount of time trying to make sense of the advice out there. Genius Material is better than a million free websites, because it’s based on neuroscience and solid research. You discover, in an easy to follow format, exactly what to do and what not to do to achieve exam success.

In addition, included in your membership, is bespoke software. One lot of software is designed to help you tailor your revision to your learning style. The other is designed specifically to give you the means to easily retain the information you are learning, not just until the exam, but for years to come.

Nowhere else will you find a comprehensive system such as this to ensure your exam success.

Jamie catches up

Having recovered from Glandular fever and M.E, Jamie used Genius Material to catch up the work he’d missed and go to his first-choice university, where hes been doing brilliantly ever since. He’s expecting to come away with a first.

More success stories

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Genius Material goes beyond tellingyou what to do. I teach you, step-by-step, how to organise yourself and how to revise for your brain type. I show you exactly how to improve study skills to get better grades.

You’ve probably found up till now that you’ve forgotten almost as much as you’ve learned. I tell you why this is perfectly normal, but also how to make sure you retain the information instead.

I don’t teach you the content of your subject. You already have plenty of options for accessing the material you need to learn. Instead, this is about the process of learning. Or more specifically, your process of learning – which means that you will be able to apply this knowledge and understanding of how to revise to anything you need to learn. It’s about PASSING exams – in 3 steps:

3 steps:

  1. Spend less time revising
  2. Make brain-friendly notes
  3. Recall information – PASS EXAMS!

What you get:

  1. First you do a short and simple online questionnaire. This is the method by which we ascertain your learning brain-type. I’ve designed it to be easy to complete. It’ll be a walk in the park!
  2. This generates the Genius Material concise eBook and supplementary information which takes you through the process – everything you need to know for efficient revision.
  3. But I don’t stop there. Next you watch a short series of training videos showing you, step by step, the whole caboodle – making sure you don’t miss anything and making doubly sure you are ready to go.
  4. In addition, each week, you have access to another short video of extra tips and explanations. As with everything else in Genius Material, you can watch it at a time that suits you.
  5. And finally, the ‘piece de resistance’ – the Online Revision Calendar – makes you easily and automatically remember at least 80% of what you’ve learned.

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Genius Material for GCSE & 'A' LevelsWhat’s in it for you?

When you experience the advantages for yourself, remaining a member for the duration of your revision will be a non-brainer. And in any case, my 100% money back guarantee should tell you something about the quality of this programme. I expect you to be not only delighted, but enormously relieved to have found something that at last works for you.

Studies including those by McGill University, Montreal, University College London & the University of Dundee, among many others, have shown that people who master the art and science of learning enjoy:

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • A more attentive, agile and responsive brain
  • A greater degree of flexibility and creativity
  • A denser brain, larger brain cells and more synaptic connections
  • A better memory, processing speed, response speed and working memory,
  • Quicker reactions and a more accurate interpretation of facts

Genius Material has been specifically developed for the Financial Services industry, and you’ll hear me referring to IFAs, mortgages and insurance etc. Sometimes I’ll use illustrations from investments and tax etc, but of course they’re just examples I’ve used to prove a point. I teach how to learn and retain information. Plenty of teenagers have used this system successfully – Genius Material is as relevant to your Uni Exams as it is to other exams.


During the 4 months trial, the people in the

Pilot Group using

Genius Material, passed 100% of their exams.

Here are some of the pass marks achieved:

68%, 71%, 80%, 72%, 75%, 74%, 75%, 81%, 85%, 81%, 70% and distinction

In other words, 92% of participants got 70% or more and 42% of them got 80% or more!

More success stories

Better memory

And if you prove to yourself that taking exams isn’t as hard as you first thought, you might be motivated to continue upgrading your qualifications and really begin to stand out from the crowd.

All of this becoming possible when you know how to achieve the best grades you can.


  • Do you have to pass these exams?
  • Want to enhance your future career and prospects?
  • Are you ready to find out more about your learning style?

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