Testimonials & Case Studies

During the 4 months trial, the people in the

Financial Services Pilot Group using

Genius Material, passed 100% of their exams.

Here are some of the pass marks achieved:

68%, 71%, 80%, 72%, 75%, 74%, 75%, 81%, 85%, 81%, 70% and distinction

In other words, 92% of participants got 70% or more and 42% of them got 80% or more!

Arah passes AF2 exam comfortably“I passed my AF2 exam comfortably in October, in no small part because of the structure that the Genius Material system provided. Thanks again; it was my 3rd attempt at this exam and I would have abandoned trying to achieve Chartered status if hadn’t got through. I’m now in a completely different place and have absolute confidence that I can pass exams at Advanced level with the right preparation.” Arah Perrett, Partnership Development Consultant, St James’s Place

“I have managed to pass all 6 RO exams to get my Diploma in Financial Planning and I couldn’t have done this without Lysette and Genius Material. I was finding it hard to retain information long term and recall it for my exams. Genius Material helped me learn and retain information in a completely new way. Thanks Lysette and keep up the good work.” Geoff Catterall, Director, Stonewater Wealth Management Ltd

Jacqueline Berry, Partnership

“I attended a Genius Webinar on Friday and was impressed with the material. I am taking the CF exams and was grateful for the new learning techniques. The content within the CF texts is not easily retainable because of the way it is set out. I learnt some useful new techniques on how to retain this information which I will most definitely be using moving forward.” Jacqueline Berry, Partnership

Martin talks about Genius Material

“I’ve just heard that I passed my first exam with a distinction! It was hard work, but following Genius Material advice obviously did the trick. I got well-organised and methodical about my revision and I paid attention to the way my brain works, only spending time doing what actually works. I’m really looking forward to the next exam, because I know now how I can do it. Thank you Lysette.” Martin Capel-Smith, St. James’s Place.

Get better grades with Genius Material: Avalon's testimonial“What a fabulous idea and I can see it being absolutely so valuable to me forever!!!  The webinar was great, you were very easy to listen to and everything was really interesting. I was finding it very difficult to revise for my CF8 exam and found myself going over the material again and again, still feeling like I hadn’t learnt it.  I had only been using Genius Material for one and a half weeks and walked into the exam feeling so confident and I passed easily.” Avalon Denniss, Partnership.

Anita talks about Genius Material“Genius Material is an incredibly powerful method to employ when you need to remember information. I use mind maps in my day-to-day life to help me recall the things that are important. The Genius Material webinars bring to life the methods used. I have read about mind-mapping in the past but being a very visual person, I find watching Lysette physically build a mind-map ‘live’ is a much more effective way for me to take it on board. Genius Material has so many applications and is a superb way to commit facts to memory, retain and recall them when needed.” Anita Quinton, Marketing Account Manager – Zurich

Richard Brough“I find these webinars provide a useful insight on how we learn and more importantly, why we don’t learn in given circumstances. Lysette explains practically why this happens, and the steps to learning in an easy to follow format at an appropriate level. I am taking both professional and academic examinations and already feel better prepared.” Richard Brough, Simply Biz.

Nick Hunt, Prudential“I thought this session was extremely helpful – it clearly demonstrated how to ‘digest’ technical material and create a simple set of notes for the exam.  The programme will definitely hit the mark for individuals aiming for higher professional qualifications by 2013. Well done!”    Nick Hunt, Markets Development Manager, Prudential

Mo listens to the Genius Material webinars on the train to and from work.“I listen to the webinars on the train to and from work. I have found the webinars very useful and they have helped me to utilise my time efficiently. The ebook and questionnaire has helped me to identify a revision technique that works for me. I’m looking forward to more webinars!”                       Mohammed Hussain, Senior Sales Consultant.

With Genius Material, Sarah passed an exam at a pass rate of 81%, which she had previously failed.“Just to say I have really found the webinars useful, and they have provided me with new techniques that I can use for revision. Your techniques are well thought out, and actually do work…so thankyou! I went on to pass an exam, which I had previously failed, at a pass rate of 81%….  Many thanks for your help…will definitely be recommending you!”                     Sarah Skelton Senior Consultant,  UK Accounts, Zurich

Iain has found Genius Material webinars extremely helpful.“I have found the information from the webinars and website extremely helpful, and this has given me a new dimension in the way that I study for exams. The content is explained clearly and concisely by Lysette and has been extremely helpful towards me passing R01 and now I do not feel so daunted by the prospect of RO2 or the rest of my exams to achieve my diploma.”  Iain Watts, Sales Consultant

Peter has a much more efficient and effective method of studying with Genius Material.“I have been using Genius Material for several months now and have found it extremely useful. My previous method of studying included making dozens of pages of notes to embed the material, which was very time consuming, and now, with guidance from Lysette, I have a much more efficient and effective method of studying.  I am currently studying for the Regulated Diploma in Financial Planning qualification, and with time being at such a premium, discovering a more effective way to study has made a real difference to me.”      Peter Ridley, Account Consultant

Georgina Partridge finds the Genius Material software extremely useful in planning her revision timetable.“I found the software extremely useful in planning my revision timetable. It’s the most effective and easy to use system I have seen so far.”                         Georgina Partridge, Partner, Plutus Wealth Management

Get better grades with Genius Material: Jacqueline's testimonial“Working with IFAs means I have to understand certain product areas that we are providing information on. I’ve been working with the Genius Material programme for the last 4 months and in that time I have taken the CF 8 exam. I have struggled with the CF 8 text in the past and the format the material is laid out in. What Genius has enabled me to do is break down that information so I found it so much easier to retain the facts within the text and the proof is there really – I’ve gone on to pass the exam. I achieved an 80% pass mark.” Jacqueline Berry, National Accounts Team, Partnership Assurance.

“Rather than the last minute cramming I used to do, Genius Material has made my study much more structured. It has kept me right on track, and having someone like Lysette on the outside, giving me a little push now and again, along with the analysis of what sot of studier I am, has been very useful. I was delighted to have passed my last exam with 73% John Townsend, Acumen Financial Services

“I sat JO6 in October 2011 and failed by 6%. I found the Genius Material very helpful and it gave me much more confidence using the techniques you suggest in my studies. I signed up as I only had one exam to pass for my Diploma and with JO6 being a long and complex subject I felt I needed a bit more help. Your material certainly contributed towards me passing the exam. I re-sat the same exam in April 12 and passed with 83%.” Scott Douglas, Vision Lifestyle Financial Planning Limited, Falkirk

“I took AF3-Pension Planning in October. Passed it. However, I’d failed it twice previously. Your material is clear and I find it helpful. Your presentations are a paragon of clarity and well illustrated – exactly the opposite of death by PowerPoint. Keep up the good work.” John Pope, Conclusion Financial Planning Ltd

“As you know, I had been studying the CII’s R series for the best part of 18 months. I found it a huge struggle to retain information and I was hitting a brick wall. I have failed five R series exams over the past year. Struggling with study and exams has had a ripple affect on all aspects of my personal life/business and greatly dented my confidence. The final straw was discovering I have dyslexia. I have found your techniques extremely helpful. In particular, the learning cycle and method of note taking has helped me gain confidence that I have truly understood the study material and I feel more equipped to sit an examination. I would like to thank you for Genius Material, your personal support and recommendations. I have three more examinations to undertake in order to achieve Diploma status and I now know I can achieve this by simply following your proven study structure. I completed a mock exam yesterday and passed, over and above the pass mark, easily!” Mark Stanton, Director, Liberty Chartered

Mark heard later this week that he comfortably passed the exam he’s referring to. (He’d failed this particular one 5 times before.)

“I have passed my 2 exams needed for my Diploma and your tuition definitely helped me pass both first time.” Darron Whitehead,
Utopia Group Ltd

“Through a rare combination of personal one to one support with Lysette and good website functionality, Genius Material has succeeded in making my revision more meaningful, easier to break down and understand and less laborious. Revision is no longer a chore. It’s actually more exciting!” Geoff Catterall, Director, Stonewater Wealth Management Ltd

“Using Genius has greatly helped me to organise my revision. In particular the use of keywords colour and pictures has been very successful. Regularly revisiting notes and self testing helps the information stick. I have now moved on to the Advanced CII exams and continue to use the Genius method.” Lynda Barber, Lynda Barber Independent Financial Planning Ltd, Inverness

“The Genius Material workshop was good value for money. Understanding the Learning Cycle and about the Rule of 7 will make a big difference to my revision and subsequently to my exam success.” Helen Prosser, IFA, Tee Financial

“Thank you, as I actually passed the RO2 today in Glasgow, what a result! I had taken on board your study tips and they work…. FANTASTIC” Tom Coats

“I have great news to share with you. A couple of weeks ago I passed RO1 first time with 72%. It is great news, but more than anything, I now have a lot more confidence to move to the next stage of the assessment. Thank you for listening and being there Lysette.” Ann Bellingham, Ann Bellingham Financial Services

“I have been working with the GM for just under a month now and its awesome! I was a fully paid up member of the read – write, re-read – re-write “club” which was a total waste of time. Seeing the GM program has lifted a huge weight off my mind and I am very positive about passing the next round of CII exams. I’m doing the Advanced Dip. sitting J04,JO5 and AF3 all in the one sitting. Now a Tefal man I ain’t, but the GM prog. has given me huge confidence and I WILL pass this – bring it on! The GM prog all makes so much sense and the colossal amount of work and attention to detail Lysette has gone to is truly outstanding. All this stuff about “hard wired” to forget, and “I knew this stuff but just could not put my finger on it…” is all a load of old tosh! Her breadth and depth of research to give the members a deeper understanding of the history of how we learn (and why we forget) is remarkable. That stuff is hard – I can vouch for this having just done a massive piece of research for my FS Management Honours Degree. I fully expect to post on the site my successes. Failure is not only not an option, it’s not remotely in my psyche!” Robert MacDonald

“Thanks for your learning advice. I passed my first exam R05 after 4 weeks work.” Andrew Prescott, Isis Medical Insurance

“I was panicking about how much I had to learn, in such a short time. The Genius Material meditation track was just what I needed to calm my mind and help me get focused. I feel sure that more of the info now will be in my long-term memory (thanks to the Online Revision Calendar) so it should be a certain pass in April.”  Julie Owen, CII – Dip PFS

“Thanks to Genius material, I have successfully passed all my examinations (JO4, JO5 and AF3) and am grateful for the fabulous resources and training Genius Material has provided for me.” Stuart White, Independent Financial Adviser, Glasgow

“I found Lysette’s session on mind mapping very interesting. She provided clear and concise instruction on the benefits and how mind mapping works. I guess opening your mind and using it in different ways, makes whatever you are doing more interesting, therefore more memorable. I can definitely see how you are more likely to retain information and be able to relate this to exams.” Louise Milbank, Independent Financial Adviser at Ashcourt Rowan

“As someone who has previous experience of memory training I found this very useful to use mind maps to aid project work. Lysette I found to be inspiring in her tuition and this was a most helpful session and one that I will certainly utilise going forward.” Peter Wooff, Chartered Financial Planner at Ashcourt Rowan

‘I found the introductory section about how the brain assimilates and retains information to be an effective foundation to the rest of the seminar. I have no doubt at all that the suggestions and ideas that Lysette presented will make a huge difference to my revision strategy and will improve the quality of information that I will retain. I have already recommended you to my business partner.’ Justin Thomas, Thomas Hall Partnership LLP

“I’d recommend a Genius Material workshop if you want to learn helpful revision techniques such as new ways to visualise information. How to use bullet points and mind maps was best for me. Learning about the necessary discipline and revision structure was also useful.” Martin Jeffery, Financial Planning Consultant, Ron Jeffery & Blueprint

“It was useful to be reminded of how effective MindMapping is when revising, and I will be using some of the other revision ideas I learned in the workshop. I would recommend Genius Material to anyone taking exams.” Gary Jones, Financial Profiles Ltd

“The Genius Material workshop was good value for money. Understanding the Learning Cycle and about the Rule of 7 will make a big difference to my revision and subsequently to my exam success.” Helen Prosser, IFA, Tee Financial

“I attended a Genius Material workshop and I’d recommend this system of revision to any other IFAs finding it difficult to learn as we get older.” Savio Santimano, Principal, Minerva FMA

“Anyone who has failed an exams would do well to use the Genius Material revision system for IFAs. The workshop was very useful, especially understanding how to reduce course notes into smaller and more manageable bits. I will also be using colours to make my notes easier to recall.” Mark Weller, Financial Profiles Ltd

“The workshop was well-structured and showed me how to organise myself better when revising. I’d recommend it if you want to improve your exam and revision technique and go about it logically and in a way that really works.” Paul Jones, Financial Adviser, Joseph Lamb

“The Genius Material workshop confirmed to me that there is more than one way of revising and that the best way forward for me is to use diary system so that I keep the information in my head. I’d recommend the Genius Material revision system to anyone taking professional exams.” Philip Ostle, Head of Financial Services, IM Asset Management

“I’d recommend the Genius Material workshop to people taking exams because I’ll sure they’d find it would help them pass exams, especially those they’d failed in the past. I found Story Boarding, a really useful technique and will be using it when revising in future.” Tom Ralph, Meridian Financial Management

“I attended a Genius Material workshop and found the information easy to understand as it was explained clearly and thoroughly. Thank you for some very good ideas to improve my revision techniques.” John Dennis, Adviser, Abacus Wealth Planning Ltd

Genius Material is not just for the Financial Services.

A computer programming student was spending 120 hours revision-time per exam and still just scraping by. He was determined to pass them, but it was such a soul-destroying, exhausting effort.

By using Genius Material, within a week he got three quarters of the way through organising his coursework, was remembering it easily and was enjoying every productive minute spent doing it. Furthermore, with no effort, he found himself casually remembering other things such as telephone numbers and details of articles he’d read.

“I’ve managed to take a HUGE jump in my career and salary. I’ve had many interviews and had a job offers for each, as I was told my technical and business knowledge was extremely strong. This was because I was able to regurgitate the information from my revision in a clear and concise manner.  I’ve taken a huge leaps from where I was and this has confirmed that that I am bl***y good at what I do!

I will be buying my first house in the next few months which is part of this year’s plan. I’ve got a new job and have passed all my exams. I’m spending less time studying but getting the results I want, and managing study and family time more efficiently than I did in the past” James

“I’m flying through the book at the moment, more than half way through and spending less time studying. I found I’m doing MORE by doing short bursts instead of long boring sessions. Brilliant!” Sam

Eddie gets 78% in his poilce exams with Genius MaterialA trainee policeman, had failed one particular exam twice already. He was told by his supervisors that he was probably not cut out to be in this job. However, he was allowed one last chance at the exam. After using Genius Material, he sailed through with a 78% pass mark.

“My confidence was at an all time low, and I could not see how I could improve my learning ability and I was very close to giving up the training. Lysette’s attitude is fantastic, her people skills and way of thinking towards people, from their school years through to adult life is exceptional. If there were more teachers/trainers with Lysette’s skills/outlook and disposition, I think more people would find they have more to offer than they probably realise.” Eddie

Danny learns how to revise efficiently with Genius MaterialDanny sets a good example to other teenagers taking ‘A’ Levels. He recognised that he wasn’t achieving the grades he deserved and so did something about it. It’s true, what they say: If something’s not working – do something else!

Jamie got over glandular fever & M.E. and with Genius Material got the grades he needed for his first choice university.Jamie had glandular fever which turned to M.E. Needless to say, he missed a lot of school. With a little Genius help he was able to return to school, catch up on the work he’d missed and get the grades he needed to go to his first choice university.

“After working with Lysette, my daughter has increased in confidence, showing real results and significant improvement in her studies. My daughter’s attitude to learning has improved and her confidence has grown as she can see the good results from the revision that she does and how it impacts on her marks at school. So we are both happier!” Jayne Johnson, Better People Ltd

“Before signing up for Genius Material, I was lost and hopeless. I wasn’t taught how to revise and felt that everyone around me had something ‘special’ plus I had a negative mindset. I just didn’t know what i was doing wrong or whether I was just not capable enough. When, I found Genius Material, Lysette, softening and polite voice made me feel at ease straight away. I felt as I had found ‘new found hope’ by finding the Genius Material SYSTEM. Genius Material was everything I needed – a revision method that made me feel like I was progressing. I used Genius Material studying for my A-levels and I feel like it can benefit everyone. I only wish I knew THIS revision method earlier so her techniques would’ve been super effective, but i’m happy with the system. I strongly recommend anyone studying A-levels or university exams to purchase this system, as soon as their term, semester starts – to gain maximum effectiveness, and I know the method will work.” Stephanie A

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