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PFS Regional Conference 08.03.12

Genius Material study skills training PFS Regional Conference 08.03.12

Genius Material study skills training PFS Regional Conference 08.03.12

“The presentation was very good. I’ll personally be using some of Lysette’s recommendations and I can see the benefit of offering this style of learning.”

Mick Whatley, Corporate Development Manager, CII

RO3 Tax and Study Skills one day session

Revision Skills for the RO3 Tax Exam

Genius Material Revision Skills for the RO3 Tax Exam (Seven Investment Management 23.01.12)

“I found the introductory section about how the brain assimilates and retains information to be an effective foundation to the rest of the seminar. I have no doubt at all that the suggestions and ideas that Lysette presented will make a huge difference to my revision strategy and will improve the quality of information that I will retain. I have already recommended you to my business partner.”

Justin Thomas, Thomas Hall Partnership LLP

“I’d recommend a Genius Material workshop if you want to learn helpful revision techniques such as new ways to visualise information. How to use bullet points and mind maps was best for me. Learning about the necessary discipline and revision structure was also useful.”

Martin Jeffery, Financial Planning Consultant, Ron Jeffery & Blueprint

“It was useful to be reminded of how effective MindMapping is when revising, and I will be using some of the other revision ideas I learned in the workshop. I would recommend Genius Material to anyone taking exams.”

Gary Jones, Financial Profiles Ltd

“The Genius Material workshop was good value for money. Understanding the Learning Cycle and about the Rule of 7 will make a big difference to my revision and subsequently to my exam success.”

Helen Prosser, IFA, Tee Financial

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MindMapping In A Pickle!

Genius Material MIndMapping workshop

MindMapping workshop for Ashcourt Rowan (at Standard Life 14.09.11.)

“I found Lysette’s session on mind mapping very interesting. She provided clear and concise instruction on the benefits and how mind mapping works. I guess opening your mind and using it in different ways, makes whatever you are doing more interesting, therefore more memorable. I can definitely see how you are more likely to retain information and be able to relate this to exams.”

Louise Milbank, Independent Financial Adviser at Ashcourt Rowan

“As someone who has previous experience of memory training I found this very useful to use mind maps to aid project work. Lysette I found to be inspiring in her tuition and this was a most helpful session and one that I will certainly utilise going forward.”

Peter Wooff, Chartered Financial Planner at Ashcourt Rowan

Processing, storing and retrieving information

How the mind processes, stores and retrieves information at Refer On Marlow

A presentation about the Human brain at Refer On Marlow



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