Your traininer: Lysette Offley

Your trainer: Lysette Offley

My name is Lysette Offley, and I live on the river just outside Henley-on-Thames.

I taught for 20 years in state primary and secondary schools, before expanding my skill set to include a vast array of disciplines founded in psychology and neuroscience. Since 2004, I have been helping people to use their brains more effectively to get better results.

In addition to the numerous articles that I’ve written for various publications, I’ve created a unique range of downloadable self-help programs which are available on my SoundsPositive.com website. These incorporate audio and written exercises using interventions and approaches from my one-to-one sessions which have been proved to afford my clients the best chance of success.  I also enjoy regular appearances on BBC radio and frequent public speaking engagements.

I help people with emotional and behavioural difficulties and get particularly good results with difficult medical conditions that doctors cannot help, such as Tourette’s, enuresis, gastrointestinal reflux disease, anorexia and M.E.

I found that I was attracting many teenagers who were struggling with medical challenges and falling behind at school. I’ve been delighted to help many let go of health issues and learn how to revise efficiently so that they catch up with work missed and go to their first-choice universities. Given that clients sometimes travelled very long distances to see me, for example from Southampton, east London, Bristol and even Cumbria I wanted a way to help more of them, more easily.

So at the beginning of 2010 I created a website TheGeniusInMe.co.uk, designed for teenagers to access the relevant information, generated by the results of the online questionnaire which they completed first.

No sooner had I done this, it was brought to my attention that many IFAs and others in Financial Services could do with the same information. I was introduced to the NMBA and with their enthusiastic encouragement, began to design Genius Material. It’s a comprehensive and concise program, specifically for IFAs, needing a little extra help to pass a number of exams, at least to QCF level 4 and others taking further Financial Services Exams. It addresses their specific challenges, such as time constraints, from professional and family commitments, lack of confidence, perhaps arising from previous exam failures or lack of information about the best way to revise. It also demonstrates how to make efficient use of time, especially since many of them haven’t been in a study environment for decades.

This is a membership website and delivers the training material via an eBook, online training videos, weekly live online seminars and additional supplementary material such as self-hypnosis  audios to deal with sundry additional challenges such as stress, exam nerves,  anxiety and lack of sleep.  There are 16 different eBooks and each member will receive the best one for their brain and learning type as ascertained from an online questionnaire, which they do at the beginning of the process.

Members also have access to the Online Revision Calendar – the ground-breaking, world’s first tool to ensure your success.

Most people, will forget 80% of what they’ve learned within 2 weeks, because Human beings are hard-wired to forget things – unless those things occur to the unconscious mind as particularly important or are regularly needed. This knowledge, coupled with the advice in Genius Material, allows a client to organise themselves to remember 80% of what they’ve learned – forever.

However, to do this, the degree of organisation required is enormously time-consuming and complex, and enough to have most people give up, and consequently go back to forgetting most of what they’ve learned. This soul-destroying cycle is not conducive to passing exams with ease!

The Online Revision Calendar changes all that. With a couple of clicks, it’s all taken care of, leaving you free to spend your time revising and making discernable progress. I’m  very proud of the Online Revision Calendar and particularly gratified that the idea is receiving such a positive reception. Zurich, AXA Wealth, Partnership and Prudential are co-sponsors and it is through their endorsement and support that I bring it to you. Find out more about our sponsors.

My team and I am very much enjoying the journey – supporting people in Financial Services and other professions too, helping them discover that they can pass exams and enjoy progressing their careers.

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